Covid-19 Update

                In light of the current pandemic, Tree Reading Series has ncelled the last three readings of its 2019-2020 season. We look forward to sharing more info about our reading series' future activities once the world has healed up. Until that time, we will be staying home, washing our hands, and wishing the very best for our amazing group of regular attendees, the fantastic team at Happy Goat Coffee Company, and all of Ottawa's literary and artistic communities.

                About Tree...

                Running since 1980, Tree is one of nada's longest-running literary events, and an essential part of Ottawa's vibrant literary community.


                Tree takes place...

                ... at Happy Goat Coffee, 35 Laurel St, 1 block northwest of Gladstone & Preston.
                ... on the 4th Tuesday of the month.
                ... free of charge. A hat is passed for donations.
                ... with lots of free parking, easy access to #11 and #14 busses, or a 10 minute walk from Bayview station.